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Winning your Customers

1. Impressions

Creating positive first impression of your business is crucial. Bringing a new customer through the front door is far more expensive than retaining a customer, especially if they are loyal. It costs five times more to engage new customers than retaining them. Standards of excellence have to be maintained consistently.  Keep in mind, a loyal customer spends an average of 67 percent more than a new customer. (Harvard Business School)

2. Communicate with Your Customers

Competition is fierce and communicating effectively with your customers is essential.  Position yourself so your brand and services are present regularly and customers will be more inclined to turn to you for their next purchase.

3. Give Customers a Reason to Visit AGAIN

How do you show customers that you appreciate their business?  There can be reward programmes for loyalty. You can take this further by making it personal to your customer and ensuring that the notification is at the right time.  This creates an emotional bond with your customer and makes them feel special.

4. What Makes your Customers Tick?

Modern technology allows you to keep an accurate record of your customers shopping patterns and their data. You can construct targeted messages for your customer which will give you the advantage of being the first to be acknowledged by your customer.

5. Customer Service Still Counts

Being different from the rest is the key. Customer Service is still very significant in the future of your company. It is essential that this is recognised as this most certainly will increase your retention (Eg Apple and Zappos). You have to be there for them in relation to your business and it always pays to go the extra mile in term of service. Making your customers fans rather than just customers.

These are mainly generic ways to retain your customers. It will vary with every industry as to what exactly works for them. These steps have to be taken and maintained consistently at a high standard. There might be times when you will need to change them when it is necessary so keeping track on what is working effectively is the key to success.

Making your customer feel special is one of the keys to a successful future in the growth of your business. That is why I feel strongly about ensuring that every aspect of the company reflects that and every effort is made to make your customer visit again. In these competitive times it is crucial to maintain these standards consistently. With knowledge gained from experience we can help companies set up plans that will work for them effectively. We have engaged the services of an award winning contact centre whose motto first and foremost is based on customer service. The contact centre will cut your operating costs by at least 20%.