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Winning Customers= Winning Results

Even large companies can not afford to take their customers for granted. Does not matter how large you are as an organisation you must value your cusomers. This also enables you to increase your profits since you increase retention and gain customers. This is far more fruitful then spending a vast amount on advertising and only gain some customers. Here is an example from Apple who believe that service and retention are important. This is an example from best customer services. 

We can design unique programmes for each company which will help them to enhance their customer service and retention. They can also choose outsourcing to decrease operating costs even further should they choose. Ask yourself this question "Why does a company like Apple who is so succesful believe this?" Please read and share your comments and suggestions.

"Jared • 2 years ago

When I bought a MacBook for college in May 2008 I did it about 3 weeks before the iPod for college promotion started. At the time, I did not have an iPod touch, so I was pretty bummed that I missed it (since it was a $200 value). One of my friends said he ordered his a little too early too and missed the promotion, but said he called them up to see if he could still qualify for it, so sure enough he did and got a free iPod out of it. But what about me? I tried the same thing, even though I knew I ordered it before my buddy, just to see if I could pull it off too. I got on the phone and explained my situation, the customer service rep said they were sorry, but I was outside of their 2 week window for going back on promotions. She then told me to hold on a sec while she talked to her manager. She came back a few minutes later and said that unfortunately they were still not able to give me the iPod, but instead were able to give me $100 credited back, was this OK? I said sure! money is better than no money! Ever since, I have been absolutely astounded with Apple customer service and have been an Apple fanatic ever since."