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Views on Customer Service on LBC today 27 October 2013

What has Happened to Customer Service In the United Kingdom. Most people that voiced thier opinion on that had negative opinions. I managed to have a quick chat with Emma Barnett the presenter of the show today on LBC.

I said to her that it was my passion and hence I have set up the company to help retail companies to improve their service. I also mentioned that it was due to shortage of staff and that the first thing retailers do in challenging times is control costs mainly staff and product availibility. Both of these are detremental to the future of the business. She then asked me if it was due to staff being oversterched and I said yes upto a point. service is key to any industry and she mentioned about a hotel where the room was so close to the utilities, you could hear everything. Why build a room there where it is going to be uncomfortable for your guest.

Has customer service deteriorated so much that thoughts are always negative about it. Companies can improve their customer service and this in turn can enhance retention and profits. If retention and service are improved in any industry you will not have to spend five times more to gain new customers. For retail companies it could also mean reducing the quantity put to sale with drastic reductions, hence effecting the profit margins again.

We can help companies improve their service and retention programmes to give the WOW factor in your service and making your customers your fans. Remeber fans are always loyal.