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A customer went into KFC store in Central London and ordered a family bucket which he wanted to enjoy with his family. Upon opening the bucket with the family they have a coleslaw tub which when opened had a an extra ingredient. The coleslaw when opened had a pubic hair in it. What standard o hygiene is there where the food is consumed. When returning to the store with the coleslaw the customer was offered a free family meal. This was SUPPOSED to compensate for the unforgettable experience.

The customer was speechless and could not believe the apalling customer service. He said when he complained to the local council that e could not even open his fridge as the thought of the coleslaw with the unspeakable item came into his mind each time.

Now to me this is unspeakable customer service from a large high street chain who spends millions on advertising but the service is not carried through to the CUSTOMER level where it matters.

Customer Service should be there at every level and all your members should be singing from the same ethos. This does not happen automatically so a company needs to invest in retaining customers for their company. That is why we work with ths companies to design packages that work and help increase their customer service and retention hence increase turnover. 

Please share your thoughts and comments on this matter. Would you be happy if that was all that was offered to you.