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Testing Times to Excel at Your Service

Mistakes happen where ever we are and in Business these are the times when you need to say to your customers YOU MATTER. This can be shown in actions by you or your members. Although the question here is "How would YOUR staff represent You in your absence?" It is essential and crucial for the long term survival of any company to have a culture within your members where your customers take priority. Every single aspect in your business needs to be in place for the customer and it should run like clockwork with or without your presence. This can only happen if you have taken the initiative and have standards that are always putting your customers first. These need to be monitored and improved whenever necessary to make your customers feel important and when things get tough you  and your members need to work closely together to retain your customer.

Here is an example from Metro Bank to prove this to be the case. " One evening at 9pm, our IT systems crashed and the call center was unable to access customer accounts or details. At that time, a customer called to transfer funds from his ISA to his current account. He explained that it was exremely urgent as he needed to pay a bill in the morning before leaving for work. A metro Bank team member promised the customer that the payment would be made and said he would call him back as soon as the issue was resolved and the payment completed. An hour later, he called the customer to explain that the problem had not been resolved, but he would stay in the office until the system was back up. It was finally fixed at around 11.10pm. He contacted the customer the following morning to make sure he was able to withdraw his funds. The customer made a point of telling us how impressed he was that the team member stayed on the job to see through the urgent transaction"

That is why we say customer service and retention are the keys to the companies future in the long term. Every company will have different needs and again different strategies have to be in place for when things go wrong. I think and I truly believe it to be true from my own long standing retail management experience that YOU and YOUR MEMBERS make the circle and one can not function efficiently without the other.

Please read and share your experiences or thoughts.