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TEN basic rules for Customer Service

I feel very passionately about Customer Service and I strongly believe that unless you look after your customers, the Business will suffer. Now with a new year on the way it is essential to get systems in place that will help you achieve this. We design programmes for your business to increase your retention and customer service. A study done by Harvard University found that ONLY 5% increase in retention will improve your TURNOVER by 25% to 95%.

Is your business worth investing in to Gain an edge over your competitors. This is even more relevant to retailers considering the amount of competitors for each industry.

Ten ways to enhance customer service



  1. Keep up the standards in the customer area (basically clean, neat , tidy)
  2. Product availability
  3. Make sure all items for the customer area are easy and clear to understand
  4. Create a lifestyle image for your customer
  5. Ensure all the relevant information about products and services is available to your customer


Members on Service

  1. Well groomed and fitting with the environment
  2. Acknowledge your customer with the right body language
  3. Identify the needs
  4. Be ready and willing to fulfil their needs
  5. Build a rapport with your customer and build a relationship

Please discuss your opinions and thoughts on this matter.