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Shining members of your team

It is absolutely essential that when hiring you hire for attitude and motivation rather than just training. Getting members that work to your standards is crucial for your business growth but many companies fail to see that as a key factor for their future. Always bearing in mind that you can not be in your business representing your ethos 24/7. It is even more critical especially as it is a very competitive market for most businesses. You also need to have tools in place that will ensure that employees remain focused consistently. Your members have to have a sense of belonging and care from you to appreciate their hard work.

Here is a story of a retail company where a member went above and beyond her call of duty. These are the stars you should aspire to have in your team. We at Shinar will help with plans and training for you to achieve this. Please read and share your thoughts.

"I worked in retail many years ago and I had a customer call the Junior's department, which I was working in. She was trying to locate a pair of jeans for her daughter. They had went to the same store in another area and they didn't have the size that she needed. So, I told her that I would look into the computer and if any of the other stores had them and that I would have them shipped to our store. She told me that no one at the other store had offered to call another store or take the time to try to locate them. She asked me how long it would take to have them shipped and I told her 3 weeks. She said that 3 weeks would be too late. I asked her for her name and number and then told her "Let me see what I can do and then I'll call you back". I was able to locate the jeans at another store, but the 3 week issue was still a probem. I then thought to myself, the other store is only about an hour away. I'll call the store, put them on hold for me and then buy them. I could then return them to my store and put them on hold in her name. I called her back and let her know that I had located the jeans, and that I was trying to see if I could get them to the store within the next few days. I told her that I would call her back. I went to the store and got the jeans that same day, brought them into work the next morning, returned them, put them on hold and then called her. She was so gratefuly and appreciative on the phone. I told her that it was no problem. When she came into the store, she spoke with my manager and then later found me and told me how much she appreciated me for locating those jeans."


Now please tell me would you like all your team team to have such a caring attitude like this youn lady who used her initiative and gained a customer for a long time not to mention all the recommendations from that customer that would flourish the business.

This was a story I found on the net when I was looking for examples of great customer service.