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Service that counts with a beautiful meal

We all have been to restaurants where the service has not lived up to our expectations and we make sure we tell all our friends and relatives not to go there. Here I want to tell you about the exceptional service we received when we went to Incanto Restaurant, The Old Post office, 41 High Street, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex. HA1 3HT Phone 0208 426 6767

As soon as I entered I was greeted by the Director David Taylor with a warm welcoming smile and a "Good Evening". I said that there was  a reservation  and he quickly checked and asked if I wanted to wait at the table for the other party or at the bar. I needed to use the powder room and David took my coat and scarf. At every step care was taken with the order and everything just flowed like a beautifully running engine. Care was also taken by David to ensure every so often that things were running smoothly.

We were given small appetisers as a complimentary gesture. Every course was delicious and very well presented. It definitely lived upto the fine dining experience of lovely Italian food. We were wined and dined in a memorable atmosphere. Our waiter was Risto Kaer and he was passionate about his chosen profession and it shone through.

Although the restaurant closes at 10.30 there was no rush and everything was geared towards the guest's comfort.

This can only happen where the owners have a passion for the business and their staff are also chosen with the same view. The closer the owners are to the customers service will excel and proof will be when their customers talk about it.

Where this is not the case than expensive lessons have to be learnt to gain new customers through advertising and other new concepts to improve the bottom line.

Sadly the restaurant is closed now due to other reasond but it still has to be said that as a Business owner or CEO you need to be close with your customers and staff to achieve the maximum benefit in revenue. This is something Businesses can not afford to overlook.