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Be In Your Dream Role From This September 2016!


Here is a fabulous opportunity for teachers to take up the opportunity to travel and get PAID to work! There are roles available for you right now in beautiful parts of China, working with great schools, students and peers. With a support unit to help you get to your dream role there are a number of benefits to enjoy too!


Great Benefits:

·         Housing and Utility Allowance

·         Medical Cover

·         In Many cases Visa's will be covered by Company or School

·         Outstanding salary minimum £500 and rising as Qualifications and hours increase

·         Ticket Allowance

          All Chinese Holidays fully paid

          Genrous annual Travel allowance given

Requirements: *

·         A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent

·         Master's Degree or Above

·         Qualified and Experienced Teachers

·         Must Have A certificate for TEFL, CELTA or TESOL

  • If unsure of the above please get in touch so we can give you the best advice to get you on your pathway to teach as soon as possible.

If this sounds like the opportunity you are looking for to combine work and travel than get in touch for further details and contact



Testimonial from a teacher in China 2014/15


I believe that teaching in general, and teaching languages especially, is a deeply engaging, entertaining, and practical process. Teaching the English Language in China has been a real challenging experience where you immerse yourself and learn from a vibrant culture. The children are very well behaved and have a great respect for their teacher. Most of the students are very hard working and the beauty of it all is that you do not even need to learn Mandarin to teach as you are normally assisted by a Chinese teacher who speaks English in the classes. 




I am so enthralled by my personal experience of teaching the English Language to children in China. Having the privilege to participate in educating all the wonderful children I have now met, is turning out to be a real joy. So much so that I have now returned to China to work another term and see it as a part of my future.


Hope you will embark on this challenging opportunity and apply now.  There are so many jobs on the market offering teaching jobs, my advice is do your research and ensure they deliver what they say will. If you apply through Shinar Outsourcing Consultants limited not only will you have an experience of a lifetime but also a contact person who understands the western culture looking after you.


I give my students the tools to continue improving their English and teach them practical applications of the language, such as business vocabulary, English for presentations and negotiations as well as social and conversational English to enjoy with friends and family. My ultimate goal is to teach my students the language they will make use of both in their future careers as well as their everyday life.