Inbound contact centre

  • Welcome Calls and Surveys ( To show your customers THEY are important)
  • Complete Contact Centre Support
  • Overflow of calls handling
  • Complaints handling
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Gift card enquiries
  • Account Customer Management
  • Bespoke packages tailored to customers’ purchase history
    and your strategy to build a strong relationship with your customers

Back office processing

  • Transaction processing
  • Order processing
  • Account maintenance
  • Application processing
  • Comprehensive performance reporting
  • Human resources
  • Applications sorted according to criteria
  • All Business Process Outsourcing
  • Everything to ensure you are the best choice for your customers

Seven reasons to outsource

  • Reduce staff and operational costs
  • Access best-in-class expertise
  • Let managers focus on what they do best
  • Avail of latest technologies and systems
  • Free up resources for other investments
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Build a more efficient and profitable business
  • Improved supply planning
  • Improved inventory
  • Improved Logistics

We're customer-centric – and so are you!



Shinar Outsourcing Ltd delivers business process outsourcing for companies to enhance their service to customers.shoppers
We understand why excellent customer service is the key to success, and we also know how Businesses have to compete for new customers online and offline.
So we have developed outsourcing packages to help companies support and retain customers more effectively.
Through outsourcing, you and we can focus on what we do best.


With over twenty five years of Contact centre experience behind us we can ensure that the relationship with your customers is always a top priority. Always remebering it is all about building relationships people always feel comfortable and confident when they can get  in touch with a person. 
Customer handling and back office processing services should underpin your customers’ positive experience and the efficiency of your business. We offer call overflow service where your customers do not have to wait and listen to music insread they get a human being answering the call. Two fold advantage for your business
1) It ensures you do not miss all that important phone call again ensuring profit increase.
2) It gives your customer the confidence that you really care about them, great impresson as well.
But you must invest continuously in training and technology to ensure this.
Alternatively, outsourcing can deliver better service without the investment – instead saving you money compared with your existing in-house set-up or UK-based provider. We can guarantee a significant savings for you when you work with us. What will be even more beneficial is your increase in profits.
With Shinar Outsourcing, you can outsource with confidence. We have proven skills in retail management, sales training, and setting up and running customer contact centres.
With the needs of UK clients in mind, we partnered with an award-winning customer contact centre to deliver excellent customer service and major cost savings.
Based in South Africa, our partner employs advanced communications technology and highly trained and motivated staff.
Operating 24/7 (with just a one-hour time difference from the UK), our contact centre is ideally placed to serve British and European customers.
Our customer service representatives are English-speaking (and, if you require, multilingual) with excellent communication skills.
Remember people like to respond to people (75% of Customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent Harris Interactive)
Our training systems and processes are deisgned to meet the most rigourous requirements. Careful monitoring and checking quality ensures that your customers will havea great experience every time they make contact.
Shinar Outsourcing can also provide additional training specific to your products or services. We will ensure your customers enjoy the same high level of service on the ‘phone and online as they do in-store. Our team of professional operaters will ensure that we deliver your passion for your Business to your customers ensuring increase in retention and service hence your profits.This can be achieved with cost saving investment which will reap dividends for your Company's future.
Please ask yourself these questions 1) What is your retention rate?
                                                           2)  How can it be improved in a cost effective way but yield a healthy profit? 
So Call or get in touch with us now and find out how.
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