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Listening to your Customers

A lot of  the time when you purchase items do you feel very special when the company you are dealing with makes a point of listening to you. Not only listening to you but acting upon your requirements ensures them a repeat visit. Again it comes to the point that retention matters and the customers you have feel extremely valued. Here is an incident with an airline which has ceased trading but certainly not through lack of service. 

Another question I find asking myself and you and that is "Why do Americans perform well when it comes to Customer Service?" Please share your thoughts on this matter.



We boarded the Pan Am plane only to discover our tickets were messed up. Instead of all four of us sitting in the middle section, we were spread through the plane. Mom wasn't going to be able to even see us. The flight crew sprung into action, asking passengers in one area if they'd be willing to trade seats so that my poor mother could keep all three of us together. Eventually, they managed to get us close enough - but one woman just refused to give up her window seat for my baby sister. They offered her a first class seat! Eventually, someone took the offer and we were good. They also gave me a Pan Am kid's activity book that occupied me for a good part of the flight.


It's a shame Pan Am is no more.