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Is it YOUR M&S as advertised

As I promised I will tell you about my experience with a well known retailer namely M&S. Just before Christmas 2013, my sister and I were shopping in Brent Cross. We were delayed in getting there due to a major accident on the North Circular. We needed some slippers and decided on two pairs from Marks and made our way to the till. Upon arrival the cashier noticed that one of them was an odd pair. She asked me to see if I can find the other foot on display and I said it is nearly 9.45 pm and if I go it might take me longer to get the correct pair and it was getting late and it was nearly their closing time. The store also was not Busy at all, yet that should not be an excuse.

She replied that she was not allowed to leave her position. I said "I can see six other members of staff who could get the correct slippers". She called her supervisor who after shouting across the floor came over after five minutes. The Supervisor went behind the cashier and said SHE meaning ME can get the other pair from the display racks. I WAS REFEERED TO AS SHE THREE TIMES WHILST I WAS STANDING THERE IN FRONT READY TO PAY. 

Eventually they got the correct pair and we purchased the two pairs of slippers and I made a point of stating that although I have an M&S card, BUT because of the service I will pay for them on my Partnership account. I was so shocked at the apalling apalling customer service I was almost in tears. 

Alas it did not end there on writing to the CEO of M&S by REORDED delivery three times about this complaint. I received a SECOND class post letters each time with MINIMAL vouchers explaining they were looking into the situation and THEY took it seriously. HA HA. They werewritten by MIke Thompson from their executive office. Subsequently I phoned several times and requested to speak to someone. He did call me but DID NOT HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT ME. SIMPLE BASICS LIKE HOW LONG  I HAD BEEN THEIR CUSTOMER? THE LETTERS I SENT WERE RECORDED DELIVERY.

Even to the point where I said I will never recommend my friends to open M&S accounts. It would have been so much simpler had they realised their mistake and acknowledged it accordingly.

1) I am a woman so a bouquet of flowers with a gift card worth at least £50 and chocolates with a letter would have sufficed.

2) Acknowledging how long I have been a customer.

3) My letters which were sent by recorded delivery should have emphasised the severity of the situation.

I am sure you all have seen the adverts and the billions they spend on advertising to engage customers. Yet they probably feel that they WILL always get customers no matter how some of their customers feel. In saying YOUR M&S they should be following steps to RETAIN their Loyal customers who have been there for them. This is what I mean when I say retention and customer service are the key for the future of a company.How much revenue is lost through POOR CUSTOMER service? DO THEY KNOW? 

We can design individual programmes for companies to increase retention. Only 5% increase in retention gives you an increase in turnover from 25% to 95%. SURELY that is something to invest in.