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I was after a luxury item a pair of shoes worth £150, not in the sale. I asked for my size but it was not available so I tried a slightly larger size upon trying one shoe was far too loose. I enquired if I could get my size anywhere else or can they get a pair for me. The store in question was part of a high end footwear retailer outlet.

To that I was told they had no idea and I needed to ring their customer services. I rang them and they Provided me with a list of the shops that had them. Please note these shoes were NOT a necessity but I liked them. Not at any given point the store nor the customer service department made any effort to locate the store and somehow arrange for me to purchase these non sale beautiful shoes. I was expecting them to have them delivered to my nearest store or have then delivered at my home address. Needless to say I was very dissappointed and realised that my custom or other customers was not valued.   I thought for a moment I was on candid camera for bad service.

Excellent customer service and retention are the keys to any companies future and this has to be followed all the waydown the hierarchy.


There is research available to view which states it costs five times more to get a new customer than retain one. In both cases I was a regular customer in these stores.

An article in Forbes dated 19/12/2012 states that we do not return to a store where we had bad customer service experience we find alternatives.

A quote from www. The Insight Advantage states

“You Don’t need to talk to a lot of customers, Just the right customers.

There is plenty of research from American companies that state this too.


I can understand and sympathize with this situation as the store comes under pressure for profits the first two controllable costs are staff and product availibity. This unfortunately has detrimental effect on the  business as it drives away the very customer you want to retain. There are many numerous ways you can improve customer service and retention and not all of them have to very costly.

We have different programmes to suit your needs to do this at Shinar Outsourcing Consultants. What do your Customers say about your business?