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Importance of Service

Sometimes I feel that a large amount of companies fail to see the obvious when it comes to customer service. I strongly believe and know from my experience that unless the passion for the business is not shared by every member of your team than your customers (who actually keeps the business running) will suffer. If they suffer the chances of a return visit are almost non existent. Is it not then worth it to invest in your companies customer service and retention programmes. This would be even more beneficial as the company grows in size. 

Most of the dissappointing service experiences I have experienced originate in the larger companies where somewhere along the chain the message of good service is lost. Were you aware that almost 70% of your potential customers consult reviews before making the decision to use your business? So How much is even one  negative review costing your business? A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8-10 people. These people will tell 5 more people. That means 60 people could be effected BY JUST ONE bad review.

It was so refreshing when I bought shoes from hotter on line. I bought two pairs and the delivery time was excellent where they arrived beautifully packed. Not only did my shoes arrive but as a token a lovely shoe lift was added to my parcel plus a voucher. A return should I find them unsuitable was provided free and also as a thank you for my custom a gift voucher was added for my next purchase. I also found the spring summer catalogue with a thank you on the cover. When I called to make some further enquiries I was treated with extreme courtesy and respect nothing was too much trouble. Now where else will my FIRST CHOICE be when I want to purchase my shoes? It is a NO BRAINER.

This kind of service and excellence does not just happen, it is because the owners have definitely invested in ALL aspects of the business. When you are a busy owner you personally do not have the time to look at every aspect there are not enough hours in the day. So would it not make sense to ask for some help and delegate?

Let us help you take some of the strain from your business by helping you implement some fairly cost effective ways to retain your customers and improve customer service. Please feel free to drop me a line and we at Shinar will see how we can help?