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Helping your Customers

"We are there to save money for consumers, not to sell them products they don't need... The key is not to make the sale. The key is to cultivate the customer

Bernie Marcus,co-founder, The Home Depot

This is how it should be for all companies whether you are selling to customers or businesses. The key in my experience is to engage with your customer and help them genuinely even if it means you sell them an inexpensive item or not sell them anything at all. The main reason for this is to gain confidence with your customer so THEY will return to you in the future.

Only 5% of increase in retention gains a company an increase in sales of 25% to 95%.and this is based on research from Harvard. Ask yourself this question and see how your business is tackling this issue. There are many companies out there who do this successfully and acheive the results they want for their financial portfolio. There are plenty of different ways you can retain your customers and each company will have its unique needs.

It is the pleasure and passion of our company to help businesses gain this edge against their competitors.