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Gift wrap your company with Service

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that service matters, but dissatisfied customers are far more in numbers than the other way. Companies definitely need to take this matter extremely seriously before their competitors win over them. According to Forum Crporation Research "Almost 70% of the identifiable reasons why customers left typical companies had NOTHING to do with the product. The prevailing reason for swithching was poor quality of service". Why do Companies even large ones like M&S do not take note but still spend billions in advertising. Read my own experience with this Company in my earlier blogs.

Take note of companies that consistently deliver excellent Service. Here is another example from my favourite Metro Bank who always pays attention to all their customers. A customer was due to leave for holiday at midday on a Friday and he had not received a promised new debit card in the post. Team member Kim Van Der Berg spoke to both the Borehamwood store and the customer to try and remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the customer was busy at work and could not travel to another store to pick up a replacement. Kim bumped it up, printed the card at the Holborn store, arranged for a new PIN and personally delivered the card to the customer at home that night.

This is DEFINITELY going more than an extra mile for a customer. No wonder their customers become FANS. IFrom my long standing retail mangement experience I know that there is no standard formula that  will help every industry. Every company has their unique requirements which must be addressed. Specific packages can be designed for comanies at Shinar and surely even if you retain 5% of your customers is it not worth it?