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Genuine Sympathy increases LOYALTY hence retention

When companies employ members of their team, I would vote for people with passion and willingness to work counts. Unless specific technical training is required staff should form a team which encompasses the company's ethos. It is one of the crucial requirements for retention to thrive in a company hence turnover of the company.

Here is where a manager by engaging ina simple gesture created a fan for the company he worked for

I was visiting a friend who lived 2 hours away from me. On my way home the next morning, I stopped at a Wawa for breakfast. When I emerged from the store with my breakfast, I realized I locked my keys in the car. I called my insurance company, and after 15 minutes of pressing buttons, I was told someone would be there in 45 minutes. By this time, I was already shivering.


I walked inside the Wawa to ask the manager if he would mind if I just waited in the store since it was cold outside. Not only did he let me wait in the store, he let me sit in the employees' break room, gave me a free hot chocolate and let me take a newspaper from the rack to read to pass the time. I was expecting to just linger in the aisles, and I was not expecting genuine kindness. I've always been a Wawa girl, but that experience just cemented my loyalty.