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Genuine loyal gesture makes a Difference

Loyal staff will enhance your customer profile and retention. Staff members of any company who are enjoying their work will reflect that feeling to the customers and it becomes a key to retain your customers. Members of a team who exceed customers expectations should be recognised and valued at all times. As a Business Owners you have to create an envoirment where your staff will reflect your standards without your presence. Metro Bank my favourite bank always recognises where a member of staff exceeds expectations. Customer Service begins long before it reaches the customer at store level. Please read this and share your thoughts on the subject. 

From Metro Bank.

"An Uxbridge colleague noticed that a customer was about to go out in the rain in a lovely suit. She asked him if he'd like an umbrella and gave him her own to ensure he didn't get wet. He came back the next day to return the umbrella and deposited £10,000. But that wasn't the end of the story; he brought along several family members who all opened new accounts."

It was a simple gesture but it came from a loyal member of staff who believed in the culture of the Bank and enjoyed working there. This is something we believe in strongly when thinking about customer service and retention programmes for companies.