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The Future of Retail

What is the future of retail, online and offline? Have you wondered what will be the outcome for the retail industry?

With the Fashion week under way , all the buyers ready to follow the trends that designers set and there is so much excitement about all the new additions to the collections. How is this excitement carried through to the all important customer?

Times are tough for the retailer with the growth in the online market as well as the competitors. The countries economic situation makes it even harder for the retailer.

However it is not all doom and gloom since this very situation creates a fantastic opportunity for the companies to look at their offline and online experience that their customers have. Robert Chavez the CEO of Hermes said in an interview" that it is the experience that is more important not necessarily the price". 

This opinion is shared by Olaf Swantee of EE where he said " There is an opportunity to provide more of an experience in-store- entertainment, special offers ,superb one to one customer service. The store needs to be an integral part of any omni channel strategy where retailers provide a seamless experience to shoppers both online and offline."

Bearing this in mind and with my retail experience I know HOW important customer service is for the future of any industry especially retail. Call me I can help you.