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This month is normally always a quiet period especially in retail. Now is the time to really take stock of your customer service and retention programmes as it will hit again as we know in August.

It amazes me still that most businesses will cut costs at this time namely staff and stock holding. However we still have to ask is that the right road for the business. I know they are the easiest cost to control but remember just one customer who has a shortfall in your service will tell eight to ten other people. If you multiply that it comes to about sixty customers who will probably abstain from trading with you.

If there are not enough team members to help your customers the service will suffer.

Here are just ten basic tips to help your customers returning. If you know of any business that has made you think about the level of service please let me know and if possible pass them my details.  These tips can be tailored to your business needs to get a maximum impact without being too costly. Please drop me an email and we can discuss this. Many thanks for your time and attention.



Ten ways to enhance customer service




  1. Keep up the standards in the customer area (basically clean, neat , tidy)
  2. Product availability
  3. Make sure all items for the customer area are easy and clear to understand
  4. Create a lifestyle image for your customer
  5. Ensure all the relevant information about products and services is available to your customer


Members on Service

  1. Well groomed and fitting with the environment
  2. Acknowledge your customer with the right body language
  3. Identify the needs
  4. Be ready and willing to fulfil their needs
  5. Build a rapport with your customer and build a relationship