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Facts that will determine the future of your Business

By Shila Shah

I have come to question where some companies list Customer Service on their agenda. It most certainly is not at the top of the list after my recent appalling experience at a well-known affluent shopping centre. The fundamental reason why I did not make the purchase that I had set my heart on was the serious lack of customer service. Coming from a long standing retail management career I am stating that this needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently.


May be they are not aware of the fact that Customer Service and retention are the new marketing tools. Competition being so fierce for every pound (£) of disposable income the experience the customer has will in no uncertain terms determine the future of your company.  My burning question is to ask “Why?” and what immediate steps need to be taken to address this?


  • 78% of customers will not purchase due to poor service Experience (American Express)
  • A typical Business hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers (Understanding Customers)
  • On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.(White House Office of Consumer Affairs)
  • 5% retention increases turnover by 25% to 95% (Harvard School of Business)


Any Business that wants to grow and prosper needs to take at least these few basic facts into account and all the systems have to be in place for your customer to have a smooth and trouble free dealing.


  • The primary question you need to ask yourself are your staff representing you “Do they represent your vision for the Business?”
  • Have you all the relevant processes in place for your customer to have a smooth journey?
  • How linked are you with your customers?
  • What systems do you have to monitor progress in your Business?


All these require procedures in place to work effectively. You will be amazed how your turnover increases once these strategies are in place.


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