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Exceed your Customers Expectations

You have to build a strong culture with your team members so that they reflect YOUR beliefs when looking after your customers in your absence. It is not always just training that can deliver this but building a rapport and relationship with your staff that will give you this edge that your competitors will talk about. We believe this to be a key to a company's future and I trust this to be absolutely true and that is also based on my long standing retail management experience. You have to complete the full circle to turn your customers into fans. I am sure you all will agree that fans are loyal and supportive as you also look after them. We can design unique plans for companies to help them achieve this. Please read and share your thoughts on this matter.

Here is an example from Metro Bank who whole heartedly believe this. " Croyden colleagues helped a customer whose handbag was stolen the day before she was due to leave on holiday. Staff kept the store open until the customer was able to get there at 8.45pm. They printed her a new card and ordered in food to share with the happy customer. They then walked her to her car and even paid her parking fee."

Ask yourself this "Is this customer ever going to find a reason to leave the business relationship with the Bank?" I am sure you will say NO. That is what matters in building a succesful business where you are not consistently looking for new customers. It costs five times more to get a new customer than retaining one. You will not need a huge advertising budget to gain new customers.