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Do your members mirror your values?

I think there are some companies that hire members just to fill the vacancies but the key should be to hire for attitude and not just for their skills. Sometimes it is better to train staff to your standards rather than just filling a vacancy. There is a vast difference in the service you receive on the high street or some companies where I am sure you have felt that you will never visit them again. It is crucial that companies truly understand the meaning of retention and a large part for this is played by the service your customers receive. Your staff represent you when they serve your customers. How do you want be represented?

Only 5% retention increases turnover by 25% to 95 %. All aspects of a company should reflect the service you want your cusomers to have. We ask companies to place a vast importance on retention rather than spending a large amount in advertising to attract new customers.

One company that practices this very well is Metro Bank. They have a mantra "Hire for attitude,train for skill" Something from the Metro Bank Book. " If somebody walks in for a job interview and they don't smile within the first two minutes - we call it the "Smile Trial"-we don't hire them. Because if they want a job and they are walking in and not smiling, what in the world would make us think they will smile at a customer?"

Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts on this matter.