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Here is an example of customer service that makes me wonder if the companies are paying attention to detail in their business. Customer Service and retention ethos has to be an integral part of any business from the CEO,CFO to the last person in the chain. We put customer service and retention at the top of any programmes for companies and this is based on long standing retail management experience. Only 5% increase in retention leads to a plus of 25% to 95% on your turnover. If interested please send details via website, email or phone. We would love to help and customers are YOUR future.

In the mean time please read this and share your opinion I came across this in Here is DEFINITELY how not to do it?

Worst: Victoria's Secret

"A few years ago, a friend [and I] were shopping at the mall. We decided to go into Victoria's Secret [to] browse. I was overweight at the time. I had seen a really nice bra and panty set, and I said to my friend, 'They shouldn't be so discriminatory. They should make this in our size.' I then heard the manager tell us, 'Maybe if you lose some weight we would have things that fit you.' That was the last time I was in a Victoria's Secret, and I have no intention of going back in one."