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Customers are Your FUTURE

Every Business needs customers and when you forget that basic concept your Business will suffer. There are some Businesses that make an extra effort to make this happen. Everything has to be in place for it to happen and at all times you must remember that it is your customer that drives the Business. 

Metro Bank believe this as gospel and I truly admire them for that especially being a passionate believer in customer service and retention. This is from their book "Fans not Customers"  where they have used the word AMAZE to show it.

"A- Attend to every detail

M- Make every wrong right

A- Ask if you're not sure, bump it up

Z- Zest is contagious,share it

E- Exceed expectations"

This is an ongoing process and constantly needs to change as your customers requirements and other situations change. I strongly believe even if you get some of it in place you will see the results. It takes time and effort to get it right and it certainly does not happen overnight. Please let me know about your experiences and thoughts especially if you can find companies that have this in place.