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Customer Service from A Star Company

I always love companies who always seem to go further for their customers. This also proves definitely that retention is far better than spending money on vast amount of advertising and then failing to deliver at the crucial point. These Companies turn their customers into fans hence they are theirs for the duration. This should be the case for any company who wants to grow successfully. We design bespoke customer service and retention programmes for you to achieve this status. All this has to be an integral part of the company and Everybody working for the company should be practicing it. Then and only Then will you achieve the growth you desire for your company.

Story from Apple which is so relevant

CG • 2 years ago

I bought an iPad 2 and wireless keyboard online from Apple last November. Upon receiving them, I soon realized that I probably would not need the keyboard, so I called Apple to see if could return it to a local store as opposed to mailing it back. They told me they were going to credit my account, and the keyboard was mine to keep. I've been using Apple products since the 80s, and that type of experience will keep me using them for many years to come.