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Customer Service is a Mindset

Here is something to think about, How many times have you phoned a company to resolve a problem for you. I am sure we all have experienced this when you try and explain the problem and repeatedly all you get is is a reply even in polite terms telling you please go away and leave me alone. That is why I pay very high importance to every aspect of the business must be geared to make your customers feel welcome and cared for at all times. Almost every time when a customer phones or complains personally it is an oppotunity for the company to use that knowledge as a learning curve to make improvements for the future.

Not many companies see this in that way and not only do they loose that customer but also loose other potential customers who will decide not to use the company after hearing from a disgruntled customer. No retention. what happens then normally is that the company has to spend a significantly large amount in recruiting new customers when it would have been less costly and more rewarding for the balance sheet to retain that customer. They spend vast amount of money in advertising and training etc but still missing the real picture. I personally am aware that this is the case from my long standing retail management experience. Only 5% retention increases turnover by 25% to 95%. When looking for customer service examples here is an individual has drawn a picture very clearly. Please share your thoughts and expereiences about this and if any entrepreneur wants to get in touch regarding their company please feel free to do so.  

"De Deuce answered 7 years ago

To be specific here is to miss the big picture. Customer service is not an "event" to be looked at and copied, rather C/S is a mindset, a state of being. 

When a customer CALLS he has a problem. Believe me, NO ONE wants to take the time to call a C/S hotline today what with the surly attitudes and the "I ani't got a clue as to what is going on ...but have a nice day" crowd.

If you are on C/S phone line try on this ONE unique idea, SOLVE the customer's PROBLEM. 

GIVE the custome what it is they want. 99 times out of a hunderd you CAN DO THIS and the company will be the better for it. 

For those of you stuck in a company with a computer screen menu and mouthed words for the caller....get a REAL job. This ain't customer service. It is Customer Runaround. One of you has a problem and the first one to hang up in frustration (usually the caller because if you hang up in frustration you just got another caller to talk to...possibly with the same problem) is the looser. How 'bout that? You're in C/S and all of your callins eventually turn out to be loosers-great odds. 

Remember this too, the customer, likely as not, knows as much about the problem (and the solution) as you do. But companies still will not budge on many topics of resolution, preferring to put it off (maybe they'll go away) until one day, they are challenged legally and find thenselves looking at a lawsuit-usually a class action one. In these instances a funny thing happens, the company gets punished for ALL of its sins (actual defined sins X the number of product sold) the buying public gets a coupon to "do it again" with the same wretched product only 20% off retail, and the lawyers get paid off in REAL American Dollars (although I have heard rumors that some are now demanding payment in Euros) 

All this could be eliminated if only there were good C/S solutions to go along with these Customer problems. But NOOO! Everyone is an expert on how to swindle the consumer out of their money."

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