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Customer Service with a difference that counts

Customer Service matters in every business and sometimes you need to look beyond just the bottom line. Most of the time in many businesses as soon as times get tough the first thing they look at are controllable costs. In most cases this always means cutting down your payroll costs and stock costs. This sometimes I feel is false economy since if you do not make your customers truly welcome they will take their business where they feel important. The worst part is you will not know unless you make the effort that you have lost customers.Next issue will be to engage in costly advertising to attract new customers. In this economic climate you really need to turn your customers into fans. There are many aspects that will enable you to do this. Customer Service and retention programmes are key to the future of any company. We can help with that and you can use the customer service and retention programmes with or without using outsourcing.It costs five times more to get new customers than to retain your existing customers.

Here is an example of customer service excellence from Metro bank. Anybody who has or uses this Bank will know that their service is impeccable.

"A customer lost his wallet out of town and was stuck. He rang up and said,"I really have a problem here. I've lost my wallet. I can't get a ticket. I can't get home. What can you do" We checked his account and he had plenty of money in it. We rang the ticket office in Readingwhere he was sitting. We paid for his ticket over the phone. That was all done by somebody at the call centre. We knew nothing about it until he came in the next day and told a manger that the experience was " Genuinely amazing!".

This was just one of the experiences for Metro Bank from a book written by Vernon Hill, Chairman of Metro Bank. Itjusts seems amazing to me that companies still feel it is acceptable where service standars fall. Every aspect of the Business will have some impact on your customers.