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Customer Experience Must be an Integral Part

Customer Service must be an integral part of the Business irrelevant of the size of the business.

If the service standard is always kept to an extremely high standard from the top management right down to the person who does your daily cleaning. If this follows through and there are many issues to consider to achieve this.

It is not just about training your staff; although that is an important part it is every part that will make the smooth service delivery to the customer.

  1. The standard of the product or the service you deliver.
  2. The environment where you exchange the product or the service.
  3. Where there is a delivery to be made at the customer’s address the time factor is crucial.
  4. The team members who deliver your product or service.
  5. The after care for your product or service.
  6. Mystery shopping is also required especially in the retail sector.

These are just very basic rules of ensuring that your customer returns and also recommends your product or service to friends and family.

Each one of these factors needs to be tailored and fitted to the service or product that you sell. It is NOT always advisable to choose totally on price since that might affect the quality for the customer.

Consider your best and worst customer experience and look where your company fits objectively.

Most companies that achieve great customer service have all the factors in place.

Please feel free to discuss your experiences and since you as the entrepreneur you need to concentrate and maximise your best ability towards other parts of the business. You might not have the time or  to look at every aspect of the business.

Drop me an email and we can discuss how to get the best for your company.