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Customer experience matters

Customer experience matters


With all the growing competition it is essential that your customers get the best and you have an edge on your competitors. It sounds simple but unless the skeleton is in place to achieve this it would be very difficult to achieve and maintain.

You want your customers to become fans rather than just customers as that would ensure a large degree of loyalty provided the service is consistent. There are several important factors that must be considered.

  1. Every kind of interaction with your customers creates a personal interaction. This would be in person, on the phone or online. These interactions are essential to get right to engage your customers.
  2. Human beings are naturally self-centred so they do not want to know about your problems they just expect certain standards to be in place for them for a repeated visit.
  3. Getting familiar with your customers is essential to keep in touch with them. You can only get this if the collected data about them is used correctly.
  4. Your employees represent you when they are dealing with your customers and here the question is “how engaged are your employees?” Do they have the same passion? This again requires plans to be in place to achieve and maintain this.
  5. You have to measurement; training and incentives are in place.


This will vary in form dependent on the industry you are in. As a business owner you will probably not have the time to do all this and run your business effectively. You need to concentrate on what you are good at.

Let us help you and give your business the edge. We have customer service and retention programmes that are based on long standing retail experience. Our award winning outsourcing company will help with all the ecommerce and contact centre related part of your company.  All this will be done very cost effectively hence increasing your turnover further.

All this has to be in place to ensure the loyalty and admiration of your (Fans) customers. Not forgetting how they will improve your turnover through retention and also engaging their family and friends. Please do not hesitate to drop me line and lets make your customers your fans.