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Consumer confidence after EU referendum


With many large companies like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are worried about the level of consumer confidence crumbling.  With this is mind may investors in the market will be shuffling theirs assets. This was reported in the Evening Standard. Springboard data also reflects nearly a 3.5% drop in retail sales.

Agreed that it is a great concern for all businesses there are steps that you can take to ensure that your company survives the shake. Main focus is to ensure that your customers remain (retention) and the new one’s remain (customer service). You can take examples from successful companies like Amazon who are going ahead with expansion plans in the UK and abroad as reported by Reuters and Fortune 500.

Amazon as I am sure majority of you will agree is always evolving with their customer’s requirements and ensuring almost every time that their customer’s WILL use their services repeatedly due to the satisfaction they receive from them. Amazon has strategies in place that make this happen and hence they retain their customers and acquire new ones through recommendations.

Lots of lessons can be learnt from such companies but to me the main aspects that stand out in their performance are mainly

  1. Their initial interaction with you whether it is online with live chat or phone.
  2. The rapport they build with you as a customer
  3. The caring aspect of their service if there are any issues that you need addressed

We as a company passionately believe in customer service and retention that can most certainly help you increase your turnover through programmes. What goes into a HAPPY customer experience is competent service and personalization and this needs systems in place and also requires monitoring. You are busy building your company so your time is limited. Let us help you with this process.

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