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Can you afford to miss this?

This is just something all businesses should be aware of and take the necessary steps to ensure that your retention strategies are in place. This is essential for the growth and the smooth running of your business.

I have just written a white paper for 10 effective customer retention suggestions. Before we go ahead and look at this here are some statistics gathered by the US Chamber of Commerce and US Small Business Administration.


  • 68% of customers leave because they are unhappy with the service they received.
  • 14% leave because they are unhappy with the product or the service.
  • 9% decide purchase online.

It would be a shame not to take notice of this statistics but definitely would be an advantage to put systems into place now.

The ten topics I cover are listed below.


  1. Operating Standards for Success
  2. Importance of a Right Team
  3. Value of Paying for the Right Team
  4. Customers Know When You Care
  5. Go the Extra Mile
  6. Easy access to you Delivers Success
  7. Their Journey must be Flawless
  8. Advisor for your customers
  9. Use the right language.
  10. Make your customers your fans

This will positively help you to retain your customers and I know from long standing retail management experience. Sometimes you will not have enough hours in the day to achieve this but we are here to help in every way. Jointly with this is your customer queries on phone and online and we can assist strongly there as well with our award winning contact centre.

If you want the full copy of the white paper than please send me your Business email and Business Phone number and I will be happy to send you a copy. Sent it to this email please

I am excited and looking forward to hearing from you. Look out for the next article regarding “Is advertising worth it?”