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Can language be a Barrier

An Asian man  was visiting London to attend to some business issues and also do some shopping. He had asked his wife who was not travelling with him to make a list for him so that he can get what she needed from London. His wife gave him the list and one of the item was some "chadi's" and that is an asian word for underwear (knickers)

He had purchased them before from a well known store. He went into a west end branch of the well known store store and was asked by one of the ladies at the counter if he required help. To which he replied he needed ten chadi's. The lady looked slightly baffled and said to the gentleman that she would check. She checked her list of available goods and could not find the item, she further said she will ring Head office and get back to the gentleman. The gentleman was happy with the answer and was just about to leave.

As he was walking out he walked across the underwear department and saw what he was looking for. He picked up the item and went back to the lady at the counter and said this is what I am looking for. The lady smiled and was happy to hear he found what he was lookin for. The VERY FACT that she did not say NO to the customer speaks volumes about the service.

It is an amusing story but the fact that the store had trained their staff to make sure that customers were helped even if there was difficulty, in this case language.

That  meant that the gentleman will sing praises about the store abroad and what is even more wonderful for the store is that they do not even have to pay for all the publicity.

Would you not like to be in the category where customers become followers without increasing your expenditure. This is a true story and I for one admire the store and the employee for this. Nowadays in my professional opinion it is the engagement with the customer that is important especially with growing competition and changing economic times. Customers have changed their shopping patterns and behaviour but the experience of good service never fails to retain customers.