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Amaze your customers

"Be a yardstick of quality.Some people aren't used to an envoirnment where excellence is expected" Steve Jobs, co-founder, Apple

99% of the time if not 100% your customers should be singing your praises. This will occur if you go the extra mile for your customer and this should be inbuilt in the company's culture in every aspect. Here is a story from my favourite Bank Metro Bank.

Customer Service with a difference that counts

Customer Service matters in every business and sometimes you need to look beyond just the bottom line. Most of the time in many businesses as soon as times get tough the first thing they look at are controllable costs. In most cases this always means cutting down your payroll costs and stock costs. This sometimes I feel is false economy since if you do not make your customers truly welcome they will take their business where they feel important.

Putting the customer first

Customer service from the word obviously means that the customer should be at the centre of your business. Sometimes I feel it is difficult for retailers to achieve this especially when it is a choice between offering bespoke customer service or cutting costs. I know from my vast retail experience that in most cases the cost issue will overide other aspects. At Shinar we understand this problem and can offer programmes that will put your customer's interest first.

Here is an article from the Guardian which reinforces the importance of customer service.

Helping your Customers

"We are there to save money for consumers, not to sell them products they don't need... The key is not to make the sale. The key is to cultivate the customer

Bernie Marcus,co-founder, The Home Depot

This is how it should be for all companies whether you are selling to customers or businesses. The key in my experience is to engage with your customer and help them genuinely even if it means you sell them an inexpensive item or not sell them anything at all. The main reason for this is to gain confidence with your customer so THEY will return to you in the future.

Make your customers your Fans

Something for Business owners to think about. Why is it important to keep your customers satisfied and hence retaining them for the benefit of your company?  As you are aware yourself that you we are unhappy with the service you received at an establishment you will tell a lot of our relatives and friends. If this concept is magnified for any company think of all the Negative publicity that company would receive.

Here is an example of a car company that decided to make sure their customers received excellent service, hence retaining them for future purchases for sure.

WOW for the passion in customer service

As a business owner have you considered how the customer service is becoming key to the survival of the business. I believe now is the time to genuinely knowing your customer and treating them like your family. This will most certainly improve your retention and hence your profits. Lead by example as a senior in the company start making the changes for 2014.

Here is a wonderful and touching story about how helping a customer makes a difference.



Here is what I believe Companies whether large or small ought to be doing when it comes to listening to your customers whole heartedly. I have pointed to this example more so since I will tell you about my next personal experience on my next entry. Please send me a feedback on your opinion of this and How you generally feel about customer service and WHAT makes you loyal to a company where you shop.


Excellent Customer Service with sense of humour


How about your experience with service

I just had to share this experience about my mobile phone replacement. I am with biggest mobile network and when my phone decided not to work 100% I thought I would take it to the EE store. I went to the one on Wembley High road and explained the problem with my phone, I would have expected a replacement there since it was not fit for the purpose. There was a serious lack of enthusiasm on the salesman's part, and this was not just for me it was with the other customers too. What happened to staff who loved their chosen careers did the aliens steal them?

Service that counts with a beautiful meal

We all have been to restaurants where the service has not lived up to our expectations and we make sure we tell all our friends and relatives not to go there. Here I want to tell you about the exceptional service we received when we went to Incanto Restaurant, The Old Post office, 41 High Street, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex. HA1 3HT Phone 0208 426 6767


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