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What Happened to Apple's Customer Service

A special note for all Apple lovers.I always had a very high regard for Apple and it's customer service. I have recently been disappointed and heard stories about how Apple has failed to match their expectations. There were many but I feel this was by far the best.

Everybody who reads my articles regularly will know that I am passionate about customer service and retention. Most of the time it does not have to be very expensive you can achieve the best result for your company (hence increasing turnover) in a very cost effective way. 

Solicitors that truly CARE



We are all in time related issues these days and all the results we need have to be delivered yesterday.   However have you thought of the price you pay for that?

I am passionate about customer service and care.  When I had an incident that required legal help I wanted a solicitor who genuinely cared and was not counting his fortune even before the case was completed.  Sometimes it pays dividends to let someone like that look after your legal matter rather than the “Big Boys”.

Customer Experience Must be an Integral Part

Customer Service must be an integral part of the Business irrelevant of the size of the business.

If the service standard is always kept to an extremely high standard from the top management right down to the person who does your daily cleaning. If this follows through and there are many issues to consider to achieve this.

It is not just about training your staff; although that is an important part it is every part that will make the smooth service delivery to the customer.


This month is normally always a quiet period especially in retail. Now is the time to really take stock of your customer service and retention programmes as it will hit again as we know in August.

Importance of Service

Sometimes I feel that a large amount of companies fail to see the obvious when it comes to customer service. I strongly believe and know from my experience that unless the passion for the business is not shared by every member of your team than your customers (who actually keeps the business running) will suffer. If they suffer the chances of a return visit are almost non existent. Is it not then worth it to invest in your companies customer service and retention programmes. This would be even more beneficial as the company grows in size. 

TEN basic rules for Customer Service

I feel very passionately about Customer Service and I strongly believe that unless you look after your customers, the Business will suffer. Now with a new year on the way it is essential to get systems in place that will help you achieve this. We design programmes for your business to increase your retention and customer service. A study done by Harvard University found that ONLY 5% increase in retention will improve your TURNOVER by 25% to 95%.




I was after a luxury item a pair of shoes worth £150, not in the sale. I asked for my size but it was not available so I tried a slightly larger size upon trying one shoe was far too loose. I enquired if I could get my size anywhere else or can they get a pair for me. The store in question was part of a high end footwear retailer outlet.

Small is Beautiful

Small is Beautiful

Sometimes in Business we tend to think that small companies are not going to give you the service and choices offered by larger companies.

This could not be further from the truth in my experience I have found that service sometimes is even better than a large company and more often than not they will always go the extra mile to value your custom.

Customers ARE FOR LIFE.

Here is a story I read in Help Scout archives.. that enhances my passion for customer service. I have had my own experiences where I believe that it is sometimes the smallest gesture that makes your customer return, and that in it self is worth its weight in gold and diamonds. Any business who fails to recognise this as the key is losing out in revenue and in most cases will have to advertise heavily to encourage new customers. This cost could have been minimised if you ensure strong retention programmes in place.

Do your members mirror your values?

I think there are some companies that hire members just to fill the vacancies but the key should be to hire for attitude and not just for their skills. Sometimes it is better to train staff to your standards rather than just filling a vacancy. There is a vast difference in the service you receive on the high street or some companies where I am sure you have felt that you will never visit them again. It is crucial that companies truly understand the meaning of retention and a large part for this is played by the service your customers receive.


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