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Consumer confidence after EU referendum


With many large companies like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons are worried about the level of consumer confidence crumbling.  With this is mind may investors in the market will be shuffling theirs assets. This was reported in the Evening Standard. Springboard data also reflects nearly a 3.5% drop in retail sales.

Facts that will determine the future of your Business

By Shila Shah

I have come to question where some companies list Customer Service on their agenda. It most certainly is not at the top of the list after my recent appalling experience at a well-known affluent shopping centre. The fundamental reason why I did not make the purchase that I had set my heart on was the serious lack of customer service. Coming from a long standing retail management career I am stating that this needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently.




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The Midas Touch


Many companies irrelevant of their size tend to forget that personal touch with your customers still the most important tool for a business. I came across this from a training programme and I felt it needed to be highlighted.

1) Take Time To Know Your Customers

  • Add the Human Contact
  • Reconnect with your customers
  • Try one to one engagement

This is like a streak of gold and will definitely pay dividends.

Can you afford to miss this?

This is just something all businesses should be aware of and take the necessary steps to ensure that your retention strategies are in place. This is essential for the growth and the smooth running of your business.

I have just written a white paper for 10 effective customer retention suggestions. Before we go ahead and look at this here are some statistics gathered by the US Chamber of Commerce and US Small Business Administration.


A Retail Legend


It is not often that you meet people who have qualities that make them a great leader. Don McCarthy is a true gentleman who is humble – a rare gem. I just had to share with you that he has always respected and cared for people who worked with him. He has just been awarded the Retail Legend title by the Retail Trust.

If anyone deserves this title Don McCarthy definitely does, after his enormous contribution to the retail industry. He has changed the face of many High Street Brands the latest being House of Fraser. 

Customer experience matters

Customer experience matters


With all the growing competition it is essential that your customers get the best and you have an edge on your competitors. It sounds simple but unless the skeleton is in place to achieve this it would be very difficult to achieve and maintain.

You want your customers to become fans rather than just customers as that would ensure a large degree of loyalty provided the service is consistent. There are several important factors that must be considered.

Your Team Matters

Here’s five  tactics to win over most of your customers

1 – Take ownership of mistakes and solve them satisfactorily

Lets face it, nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes.  But when it happens to you, be professional enough to admit it to your customer and take immediate steps to make it right. This can be an opportunity for retention and hence make your customer a fan and not just a Customer.

2 – Look and Anticipate the Needs of Your Customer

Going the Extra MIle

This article I found by James Butler which highlights a lot of issues business owners fail to address and a lot of the time it is due to lack of time to get things done especially if you are a small business. That is just the right time to look at how you cna change the situation for your customers and turn them into fans.

This example illustrates this by highlighting the fact that it is the small business that goes the extra mile to turn the customer into a fan. Sometimes the large companies feel they do not need to go the extra mile due to their size.  


Does the PHYSICAL store play a part today

Long live the in-store experience

Tuesday 07 April 2015 - Guest Piece

Embracing change is important in any industry and retail is no exception. Mass adoption of new technologies has had a dramatic influence on the way consumers shop and has created new platforms for both browsing and purchasing. While online and mobile shopping is increasingly important for time-poor consumers, the significance of the in-store customer experience can’t be swept aside. It is now, in fact, more important than ever before.


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