The Times Case Study on Portakabin

The importance of excellent customer service
A Portakabin case study

Page 3: Why is customer service so important?

Customers of a business can be new ones or current ones returning to buy more. The significance of good customer service can be shown in financial terms, as it costs at least five times as much to win a new customer as it does to keep a current one. Much of the profits of most businesses rely on repeat custom.

The Future of Retail

What is the future of retail, online and offline? Have you wondered what will be the outcome for the retail industry?

With the Fashion week under way , all the buyers ready to follow the trends that designers set and there is so much excitement about all the new additions to the collections. How is this excitement carried through to the all important customer?

Times are tough for the retailer with the growth in the online market as well as the competitors. The countries economic situation makes it even harder for the retailer.

Memorable Service Experience



I was after a luxury item a pair of shoes worth £150, not in the sale. I asked for my size but upon trying one shoe was far too loose. I enquired if I could get them anywhere else or can they get another pair. It was a high end shoe retail outlet.

To that I was told they had no idea and I needed to ring customer services. I rang them and they Provided me with a list of the shops that had them. Please note these shoes are NOT a necessity but I liked them.  I thought for a moment I was on candid camera for bad service.



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