Testing Times to Excel at Your Service

Mistakes happen where ever we are and in Business these are the times when you need to say to your customers YOU MATTER. This can be shown in actions by you or your members. Although the question here is "How would YOUR staff represent You in your absence?" It is essential and crucial for the long term survival of any company to have a culture within your members where your customers take priority.

Exceed your Customers Expectations

You have to build a strong culture with your team members so that they reflect YOUR beliefs when looking after your customers in your absence. It is not always just training that can deliver this but building a rapport and relationship with your staff that will give you this edge that your competitors will talk about. We believe this to be a key to a company's future and I trust this to be absolutely true and that is also based on my long standing retail management experience. You have to complete the full circle to turn your customers into fans.


Here is an example of customer service that makes me wonder if the companies are paying attention to detail in their business. Customer Service and retention ethos has to be an integral part of any business from the CEO,CFO to the last person in the chain. We put customer service and retention at the top of any programmes for companies and this is based on long standing retail management experience. Only 5% increase in retention leads to a plus of 25% to 95% on your turnover. If interested please send details via website, email or phone.

Genuine loyal gesture makes a Difference

Loyal staff will enhance your customer profile and retention. Staff members of any company who are enjoying their work will reflect that feeling to the customers and it becomes a key to retain your customers. Members of a team who exceed customers expectations should be recognised and valued at all times. As a Business Owners you have to create an envoirment where your staff will reflect your standards without your presence. Metro Bank my favourite bank always recognises where a member of staff exceeds expectations.

Do CUSTOMERS matter?

Have you come to establishments where you are just a number and not a CUSTOMER. Anyone who has a Bank account and encountered problems will relate to this and notice how at this point customer service must play a part. On numerous occassions when a company grows they seem to pay minimal importance to you as an individual. You must read this amusing actual letter sent to an American Bank Manager who decided to publish it.

Winning your Customers

1. Impressions

Creating positive first impression of your business is crucial. Bringing a new customer through the front door is far more expensive than retaining a customer, especially if they are loyal. It costs five times more to engage new customers than retaining them. Standards of excellence have to be maintained consistently.  Keep in mind, a loyal customer spends an average of 67 percent more than a new customer. (Harvard Business School)

2. Communicate with Your Customers

Gift wrap your company with Service

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that service matters, but dissatisfied customers are far more in numbers than the other way. Companies definitely need to take this matter extremely seriously before their competitors win over them. According to Forum Crporation Research "Almost 70% of the identifiable reasons why customers left typical companies had NOTHING to do with the product. The prevailing reason for swithching was poor quality of service". Why do Companies even large ones like M&S do not take note but still spend billions in advertising.

Amazing Service = Retention= Increase in Turnover

Sometimes I believe the Importance of excellent customer service seems to be missed by some companies. There are a lot of companies who always try and get it right and succeed. A prime example of this is Metro Bank. As  a Bank they could take the attitude that their customers will always be there but they work differently and try to change their customers into fans. This has a massive impact on their reputation, their following and their advertising budget which will always shrink since most of the advertising will be done by their fans.

Listening to your Customers

A lot of  the time when you purchase items do you feel very special when the company you are dealing with makes a point of listening to you. Not only listening to you but acting upon your requirements ensures them a repeat visit. Again it comes to the point that retention matters and the customers you have feel extremely valued. Here is an incident with an airline which has ceased trading but certainly not through lack of service. 

Genuine Sympathy increases LOYALTY hence retention

When companies employ members of their team, I would vote for people with passion and willingness to work counts. Unless specific technical training is required staff should form a team which encompasses the company's ethos. It is one of the crucial requirements for retention to thrive in a company hence turnover of the company.

Here is where a manager by engaging ina simple gesture created a fan for the company he worked for


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