The 5 'R' s of Customer Service

Customer service can be an ambiguous term. It's often misunderstood, left for someone else to interpret, and usually doesn't have an execution plan. You need to adapt and be ready to change as your customer’s needs require. This would a 100% backing from your team where training and motivational needs would play a large role.

But here's something everyone can latch on to. Here are my 5 R's of customer service:

Cost effective and efficient ways to enhance Company Profile

Top Five reasons to Outsource in South Africa


After attending a breakfast meeting at South Africa House in Trafalgar Square a lot of aspects became clearer. The South African Government is helping Business to take advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge that is available there and it is at a significant lower cost than you would imagine. Furthermore you have a high quality experience for your Company and your customers. These were the main factors they have to offer and as described in their literature I received on the 14th December.

High Street Bank that is making a Difference

High Street Bank that is Making a Difference

I have just recently come across a High Street Bank that makes a difference especially for the small Businesses and startups. The Bank I am talking about is NatWest and they have dedicated teams to help Businesses through their journey.

Retention is the Key to Success


Retention is the Key to Success

Importance of retention for your Company?

Importance of retention for your Company?

As a company what questions do you need the answers to and what actions do you need to take to achieve this.

Retention rate is a very clear indicator of where your customers are and what they are thinking about your Company. Clear advantages of a high retention rate are

Are you losing sales through oversight?

Most Businesses will probably answer NO to this question but is it really the case. To your knowledge it probably is but infact if you really checked maybe there are opportunities you are missing. Please read



Many companies irrelevant of their size tend to forget that personal touch with your customers still the most important tool for a business. I came across this from a training programme and I felt it needed to be highlighted.

1) Take Time To Know Your Customers

What is your retention rate?

In all businesses these days it is about standing out from your competition. Consumers have opportunities facing them all the time to select where they purchase their service or goods from. This is the opportunity to ensure that you are your customer's first port of call.


However I still see a lot of companies who put extra emphasis on advertising than building a relationship with their clients and team. A vast amount of profit is lost each time you lose a customer to your competitor.


What is your retention rate?

In all businesses these days it is about standing out from your competititors to encourage customers to choose your company over theirs. Consumers have vast chice facing them all the time to select where they purchase their services or goods from.

Customer Requirements/Business Requirements


What most customers will require from companies to ensure a return. This would also be applicable to service industries too.

  1. Personalised Customer service

Customers want personal service wherever possible especially if they are shopping and you are facing them. This is essential as remember there is competition online and offline. This comes down to ensuring the staff are fully trained and are empowered to keep your customers returning. Your passion for your business must reflect in the service delivered at every stage.

2. .A Sensory Experience

Increase Profits








We all know the saying “Profit is sanity and Turnover is Vanity” and that is what the focus needs to be in any business.


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