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Amazing Service = Retention= Increase in Turnover

Sometimes I believe the Importance of excellent customer service seems to be missed by some companies. There are a lot of companies who always try and get it right and succeed. A prime example of this is Metro Bank. As  a Bank they could take the attitude that their customers will always be there but they work differently and try to change their customers into fans. This has a massive impact on their reputation, their following and their advertising budget which will always shrink since most of the advertising will be done by their fans. Recommendations in Business play a very important role for the future of any company.

Vernon Hill President of Metro Bank uses the word AMAZE and follows it through.

A= Attend to every detail

M= Make every wrong, right

A= Ask if you're not sure, bump it up

Z= Zest is contagious, share it

E= Exceed expectations

It seems simple enough but it has to follow through the whole of your business and must be UNIFORM at every aspect when it comes to dealing with customers. Here is an example of Zest where it was present when you would least expect it.

  • A customer service representative collapsed during training and the paramedics were called. While she was in the ambulance, she told them about how good Metro Bank was and sent fellow team member back to the store to make up goody bags for the paramedics who had helped her. At a later date, they all came back to the Kensigton High Street store for a visit- and they all opened accounts!

This is just one example from the Metro Bank where excellence is always practiced. This should be something all companies should be working towards rather than only showing excellent customer service on occasion. I am never dissappointed with our experiences from this Bank where CUSTOMERS really really matter.