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Amaze your customers

"Be a yardstick of quality.Some people aren't used to an envoirnment where excellence is expected" Steve Jobs, co-founder, Apple

99% of the time if not 100% your customers should be singing your praises. This will occur if you go the extra mile for your customer and this should be inbuilt in the company's culture in every aspect. Here is a story from my favourite Bank Metro Bank.

"A Metro Bank team member set up a loan for a customer who requested that the funds be dispersed in two weeks. In the mean time, the loan rate was dramatically reduced, from 10 percent to 7.9 percent. Realizing that this meant the customer was not getting the best possible deal, the assistant store manager told the team member to invite the customer back to the store so that he could receive the new rate-a saving of more than £420. The customer felt the team member had exceeded his expectations and returned to the store a third time to present her with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine."

This is a true example of a customer being amazed as the Bank ensures in attending to every detail. We believe this concept that every detail has to be checked in the company to ensure that the customer is always getting the extre mile treatment. All Companies have different requirements and we design packages to suit them where their customers get the star trearment.

What are your thoughts on Customer Service and have you had this sort of star treatment from a company. Share your thoughts and I will in my next blog let you know how I was treated by a major high street retailer who spends millions of pounds on advertising.