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Any business that's serious about surviving and sustaining its success in the longer term must look after its customers – and its costs.
Do you have a customer retention programme?
Do you know the opportunity cost of losing a customer?
How much could you improve the bottom line by keeping a customer longer improving your relationship with your customers and increasing your customer service reputation?
These questions can be critical for small and medium-sized companies, especially in the retail sector, which is our specialism. Retailers are under acute pressure:
  • The challenge: Squeezed by the big Competitors chains, online competition and rising costs,
    what can you do?
  • The solution: Beat the big guys at their own game. First, match and – if you can – surpass
    their customer service. And you can go further, by reducing costs while improving customer
    service through carefully tailored programmes to improve retention and service. 

Shinar Outsourcing will show you how – with the help of our proven retail know-how and our exclusive links to highly competitive service providers.

We deliver:
  • tailored customer care programmes that will enhance your customers' experience and boost customer retention hence profits.
  • business process outsourcing that streamlines customer service, generating significant cost savings.
Either way, we  canhelp you increase your revenue and profitability.
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